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Why you always finish a workout feeling great

When done regularly exercise has so many benefits for your mind, body and general health.  Ranging from an improvement in your fitness level, to burning calories and improving your immune system.  Evidence shows a direct link between happiness and working out. 

Exercise has so many benefits for your body, and general health, when done regularly. Ranging from an increased heart rate (to help burn calories) and fitness level, to a stronger immune system. According to studies, there is evidence that shows a direct link between happiness and working out.

During workouts, the brain’s hypothalamus releases hormones (known as endorphins, adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin) into the blood stream. These hormones help improve one’s mood and therefore increase our happiness levels, and are commonly referred to as the body’s ‘feel good chemicals’. When they are released into the body during exercise, they subdue stress hormones (cortisol) present in our blood, while also lowering their production levels. As a result this helps in reducing our levels of stress.

The hormones released during exercise are also known as ‘painkillers’, this is because they give us a feeling of general well-being and euphoria, during exercise. Actually, the hormones can be strong enough to literally mask pain. This is the reason those who exercise regularly enjoy good mental health, in addition to recuperating fast from symptoms of stress and depression. Aerobic, strength and cardiovascular fitness exercises (yes pole dancing is included in this group) are the best form of workouts for triggering the release of these ‘happy hormones’ into the bloodstream.

For all of you beginners out there, don’t think that ‘mood boosting’ through exercise is only attained from doing more advanced workouts. All levels of exercise can help boost the release of the endorphin hormones, the key is to stay consistent and ensure you keep raising the intensity over time. However, for full benefits of regular workouts, your exercise should last at least 30 minutes, and be done on a daily basis.

To be honest, there is one benefit I truly love about doing regular exercise, and I’m sure you will all love this one too. It’s that I can enjoy guilt free desserts/chocolates once or twice a week, yes its important to have balance.

Lastly, there is one thing I want you all to remember, and this is the most important part for me. The whole idea is to have as much fun as possible during your workouts, and to be happy, to laugh and enjoy yourself, then you’ll guaranteed to feel seriously amazing!!!

Train your inner voice and create a positive mindset

“Your mind has got your body to where it is today. So change your mind to change your body.” For some people this can be a confronting statement, but it’s true.

Anyone who has attended classes at one of our studios will know we focus on the mind and body. We believe in our students, and we want to be there to support them to achieve the things that may be holding them back (both in pole and everyday life).

Often we are not aware of the inner voice that chats away inside our head. However, subconsciously this can have a big impact on what we are able to achieve and overcome.

Imagine that inner voice is a good friend. Now imagine that friend constantly telling you either; “yes, you can absolutely do this”, or “there’s no way can you do this”.

Over time, this ‘inner voice’ is either constantly telling you something cannot be done. Or it could be allowing you to realise that your specific goal(s) can be achieved.


Our bodies will do whatever our mind tells it to do. Once you tell yourself you can’t do something, you become absolutely right.

If you already believe you cannot do something, then it will be nearly impossible to actually do it. If you find your inner voice telling you something can’t be done, make a conscious effort to focus you’re thinking on “I can do this”.  Even this simple shift in mindset can create massive change, and open up to the possibility of you achieving. It’s like the old saying, ‘whether you say you can do it, or say you can’t do it, you’re right both times’.

Being aware of your thoughts and beliefs can have real power. Your thoughts and beliefs shape your views on the world, and they will eventually dictate the actions you take.

You’ll find it easy to apply the correct mindset to things that are your strengths. But the challenge will be applying it to your weaknesses (and we all have them). A change to the “yes I can” mindset will not automatically mean you achieve your goal(s). But what it does do is open your eyes to new ideas, possibilities, options and ways to help you achieve them. If you stay in the “no I can’t” mindset, you restrict your self from exploring all the options that can help you.

A positive mindset is a powerful thing, and when coupled with a step by step plan of action, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.



4 things I learnt about myself teaching women to Pole Dance

After almost a decade of Pole Dancing and over 8 years of teaching, I’ve learnt many life lessons from teaching women to Pole Dance. I recently wrote a gratitude list of all the positive experiences I’ve had over the years and what I’d learnt about myself in the process. Here are the 4 big ones…

People wont always remember what you say but they will remember how you made them feel
When ladies start classes or even walk into the studio for the first time they are very vulnerable. Women go through so many stages in life in terms of hormones, life stages, body shape and emotional state. I learnt very quickly as an instructor that my words are incredibly powerful. What we say to someone can give them hope and can help them heal. Our words either have a positive impact on others or they can do the opposite. Our words inspire others so choose yours well. I’m proud to say that I offer a safe haven for every woman that walks into the studio, or finds a place on my team.

Confidence and happiness are the sexiest things a woman can wear

I believe I was put on this planet to help women build confidence, that’s my gig. This is from my own journey. I’ve been on the other side and I’m confident when I say we all know how amazing life feels when you are confident and happy. I’ve had the pleasure of training some incredible women who truly embrace their confidence regardless of body shape or position in life.

Confidence isn’t related to a body shape or position in life, confidence comes from within and it’s dammed sexy!! Life is about embracing our imperfections and accepting and loving every single part of ourselves.

Appreciate the gift of your body
Our bodies are incredible, wonders of nature and we tend to take them for granted. We are too quick to point out our flaws or what we can’t do instead of focusing on what we can do (and what we are amazing at). We tend to look at our own bodies and be so critical, we see them every day and we are so quick to point out our flaws. Often those around us can see our beauty or strengths that we cannot or perhaps refuse to see ourselves. We are beautiful in our own unique way and its time we all opened our eyes and saw this beauty.

Your body can withstand almost anything, its your mind you have to convince
I know what it takes to walk into a pole dancing studio for the very first time. I was there myself over 10 years ago. I’ve made it my personal responsibility to look after every new lady that walks through our studio doors. That responsibility made me think about every action, statement or passing comment I make. I know doing something for the very first time is often pushing the comfort zone in a massive way for our ladies. This has helped me become consciously aware of the impact I have on others and helped me to appreciate that this is what I stand for. I stand for women of all walks of life. All ages, all body shapes and all nationalities.

Peta xx

Studio Exclusive Ambassadors

The Studio Exclusive Ambassadors are our most passionate and loyal students. They share our vision and are an inspiration to the entire Studio Exclusive community.

Each term our team of instructors nominates the ambassadors. Our studios are non-competitive, as we believe the only person you should be competing with is yourself. We encourage positivity, determination and support, and these ladies all share our vision.