Peta Howlett is the founder and Chief Motivation Coach of our women’s only studios. Peta is on a mission to create a community, build confidence and improve the health and fitness of women throughout Australia.

Peta discovered pole dancing when she was looking to regain the self-confidence she’d lost as a result of both a bad relationship, and a soul-destroying job in a government bureaucracy.

She had always been into fitness and trained regularly. But at the end of the day, she was just like everyone else, and would sometimes struggle to get to the gym because she didn’t really love what she was doing. It was just exercise.

So, when she completely fell in love with her pole dancing class, she was blown away. (She now ‘warns’ other women that pole is seriously addictive).

Whilst she loved pole as an alternative to other forms of fitness, it was what it did for women that impressed her most. In each and every class, she saw how it helped women feel good about themselves, and how their confidence improved beyond measure. She watched women laugh and enjoy themselves, and she experienced the incredible community of sharing and support, that it forged between the students.

But she wanted more. The newly self-confident Peta knew she had a bucket load of energy and so much more to give.

So in 2009, she took a fresh look at the world and wrote down some goals. She knew three things;

  • She loved the sport (and art) of Pole Dancing
  • She absolutely loved everything it did for women
  • She wanted to find a way for even more women to rebuild their lives and regain their best selves.

So she set out to create a pole-dancing studio that was a community of women who motivated, inspired and supported each other; hence Studio Exclusive was born. You can read more about how Studio Exclusive came into being.

Peta is a qualified Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, and believes when you do what you love, you can’t wait to come back for more. It feels more like having fun, not ‘doing’ exercise. That’s when fitness becomes part of your life. Peta lives and breathes her passion for building community, improving mind and body fitness, and to create empowered confident women. She is an experienced businesswoman and specialist in fitness for the mind and body.

As a national level fitness judge and qualified personal trainer, Peta combines her extensive experience and specialized knowledge, with an absolute commitment to transforming the minds and bodies of thousands of ladies, as she awakens the potential in each and every individual. Peta is a regular judge at both the NSW and National Australian Pole Dancing Championships in addition to also judging the ACT and Tasmanian Pole Dancing Championships.

After almost a decade in the fitness industry Peta is now a Health & Fitness Expert for CEO Magazine, and a regular contributor for various other health and fitness related articles and publications.

Every day you’ll find Peta living and breathing her passion for building community, improving mind and body fitness, and creating empowered and confident women.

Why we do what we do

At Studio Exclusive are all about community. Our mission is not only to give you a workout you absolutely love but also to motivate and inspire you. We believe women need to feel confident and we believe fun and laughter is paramount to good health.

This is how we do what we do…


Our manifesto:

This is what we believe. This is what we stand for.

  • Women need to feel confident. (Confidence changes your world.)
  • Health and fitness is transformational. (i.e. You step into a new way of doing things.)
  • Self worth is everything (It makes all the difference. In all things, absolutely.)
  • A sense of community will transform how you see yourself in the world. (See for yourself.)

PS Fun and laughter makes ALL the difference. (Guaranteed)

We are women only

We are a women’s only studio.

No offence guys, we think you are great, but Studio Exclusive is a special place just for women.

Our studios were created and designed specifically by women for women. We love what it means to be a woman. Our team consists of an amazing group of ladies, and our students are also all women. On the off chance that a male does need to enter the studio (maintenance etc.), we also let our ladies know before hand.

Discover a world of amazing friendships and support in our community.

Welcome to the sisterhood!!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are absolutely committed to helping you achieve your goals and getting the most from your membership. If you are not absolutely loving your classes you can cancel anytime (we just need 28 days notice).