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  • Why you always finish a workout feeling great

    When done regularly exercise has so many benefits for your mind, body and general health.  Ranging from an improvement in your fitness level, to burning calories and improving your immune system.  Read more

    Train your inner voice and create a positive mindset
    “Your mind has got your body to where it is today. So change your mind to change your body.” For some people this can be a confronting statement, but it’s true. Anyone Read more
    Learn to love your body: 8 Tips
    Love the body you have It's funny when I think back to my very first pole class.  In preparation I shaved my legs, applied fake tan, and rocked up with my Read more
    Regular classes or privates? Choosing what’s right for you
    Whether you are new to pole dancing, or a seasoned pole dancer, there will come a time when you ask yourself, should I go with regular classes or privates? Regular classes Read more
    4 things I learnt about myself teaching women to Pole Dance
    After almost a decade of Pole Dancing and over 8 years of teaching, I’ve learnt many life lessons from teaching women to Pole Dance. I recently wrote a gratitude list Read more
    Studio Exclusive Ambassadors
    The Studio Exclusive Ambassadors are our most passionate and loyal students. They share our vision and are an inspiration to the entire Studio Exclusive community. Each term our team of instructors Read more