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4 things I learnt about myself teaching women to Pole Dance

After almost a decade of Pole Dancing and over 8 years of teaching, I’ve learnt many life lessons from teaching women to Pole Dance. I recently wrote a gratitude list of all the positive experiences I’ve had over the years and what I’d learnt about myself in the process. Here are the 4 big ones…

People wont always remember what you say but they will remember how you made them feel
When ladies start classes or even walk into the studio for the first time they are very vulnerable. Women go through so many stages in life in terms of hormones, life stages, body shape and emotional state. I learnt very quickly as an instructor that my words are incredibly powerful. What we say to someone can give them hope and can help them heal. Our words either have a positive impact on others or they can do the opposite. Our words inspire others so choose yours well. I’m proud to say that I offer a safe haven for every woman that walks into the studio, or finds a place on my team.

Confidence and happiness are the sexiest things a woman can wear

I believe I was put on this planet to help women build confidence, that’s my gig. This is from my own journey. I’ve been on the other side and I’m confident when I say we all know how amazing life feels when you are confident and happy. I’ve had the pleasure of training some incredible women who truly embrace their confidence regardless of body shape or position in life.

Confidence isn’t related to a body shape or position in life, confidence comes from within and it’s dammed sexy!! Life is about embracing our imperfections and accepting and loving every single part of ourselves.

Appreciate the gift of your body
Our bodies are incredible, wonders of nature and we tend to take them for granted. We are too quick to point out our flaws or what we can’t do instead of focusing on what we can do (and what we are amazing at). We tend to look at our own bodies and be so critical, we see them every day and we are so quick to point out our flaws. Often those around us can see our beauty or strengths that we cannot or perhaps refuse to see ourselves. We are beautiful in our own unique way and its time we all opened our eyes and saw this beauty.

Your body can withstand almost anything, its your mind you have to convince
I know what it takes to walk into a pole dancing studio for the very first time. I was there myself over 10 years ago. I’ve made it my personal responsibility to look after every new lady that walks through our studio doors. That responsibility made me think about every action, statement or passing comment I make. I know doing something for the very first time is often pushing the comfort zone in a massive way for our ladies. This has helped me become consciously aware of the impact I have on others and helped me to appreciate that this is what I stand for. I stand for women of all walks of life. All ages, all body shapes and all nationalities.

Peta xx