Because we’re all about you and our other students. We want you to have a great time with us and will do everything in our power to deliver on that.
Studio Exclusive Pole & Fitness strives to motivate and inspire Australian women just like you to improve your health and fitness, while having a great time, through the sport of Pole Dancing.
Over the last 9 years that we’ve been involved with pole dancing, we’ve seen it bring so much to so many women’s lives – it’s been pretty astounding. During that time, we’ve also seen
those women become more confident regardless of anything else. However they’ve also become fitter, more toned, lost weight, learned to love themselves and their bodies and most
importantly, they’ve have fun! Read more about our backstory and how Studio Exclusive’s founder, Peta, came to be involved in pole dancing.
All the members of the Studio Exclusive team are seriously committed to;

  • Providing a positive, supportive community environment where women can be themselves
    and feel empowered
  • Encouraging our students of all ages, fitness levels and sizes to become strong, confident
    and feel great
  • Helping you learn to love your body whilst participating in something that’s fun and
  • Joining our students in having a good belly laugh in every session because laughter really is
    the best medicine.

Want to join the fun? Book now or call us on 8090 3442 for a chat.