Free Class Credits

We hope you are enjoying your classes with us.  You’ve probably now discovered Pole Dancing is addictive!  We warned you!  If you’d like some extra class credits here is your opportunity….

Leave a Google Review and receive up to 4 free class credits

Give us a review on Google. We have 2 locations on Google “Studio Exclusive Pole Dancing Drummoyne” and “Studio Exclusive Pole Dancing Chatswood”. Receive 2 free class credits for each location review you lodge. Lodge a review on both locations and you’ll receive 4 class credits.

Give us a Facebook review and receive 1 free class credit

Give us a review on Facebook and receive 1 free class credit. Make sure your review is public so we can see it.  

Refer a Friend and receive 8 free class credits

Refer a friend and you will receive 8 free class credits for each friend who joins our beautiful community. Plus your friend will also receive a minimum of 8 free class credits when they join, as per our current New Student Promotion.

* Class credits are valid for 3 terms (6 months) on an active membership.