Class Descriptions

Beginner 1 Pole
Nervous that you’re not strong enough, fit enough, flexible enough or coordinated enough to try pole dancing? Never touched a pole before? (and a little nervous?) Perfect, this class is just for you. Be prepared for squeals of laughter and some sore muscles. In this class you will start to build upper body and core strength and also become part of our community. At Studio Exclusive we teach you a step-by-step program suited to all levels, in a fun environment that will dramatically improve your fitness levels. Beginners 1 starts with the absolute basics. You’ll start with simply walking around the pole, and then you’ll learn some simple turns and some simple spins. We’ll then progress on to combinations of spins and then working on a Beginners 1 routine.
Beginner 2 Pole
So you’ve had your first taste and now you want more? In Beginners 2 you’ll be climbing the pole for more aerial moves and more difficult spins. Again we’ll put all the moves you learn together into combo’s and a routine you will love. Towards the end of beginners 2 you’ll progress to turning your fitness upside down (life is more fun upside down), learning to invert and layback. You’ll notice your confidence improves as you achieve what you never thought physically possible. It’s onwards and upwards from here, really building your core strength as you tone your whole body.
Intermediate 1 Pole
Ok, so now you’re getting serious! By this stage you’ll have noticed a dramatic change in your body becoming toned and stronger all over. You’ll also notice you are becoming more confident and you believe in yourself. In Intermediate 1, you’ll be working on more complex inverted moves, as well as more aerial moves and some one armed spins. Your routine will have you building long and lean muscles and at the same time having some serious fun!
Intermediate 2 Pole
Love pole dancing as much as we do? We did tell you it was addictive. When you train at this level, you’ve found your confidence both on the pole (with your aerial moves, inverts and outside leg hangs) and off the pole. You’ll be learning some exciting new inverted tricks and some awesome combo’s, along with a challenging routine. At this level you are one step from our Pre-Advanced Level (Intermediate 3). You’ll look back with pride and realise just how far you’ve come. In Intermediate 2 the combo’s are getting stronger, but so are you.
Intermediate 3 Pole
For those with serious pole dance addictions! No doubt you’ll have that super strong core you’ve been working towards, and when you flex you’ll be sporting some nice guns too. Did you ever think you’d make it to this level? We absolutely knew you could. In Intermediate 3 you’ll learn the key strength moves (required for Advanced 1); shoulder mount (twisted and cup grip), handspring and static V. Plus a new set of other moves each term, and an exciting routine. Prepare to be challenged and to believe in yourself. Once you’ve nailed these key strength moves; welcome to Advanced!
Advanced Pole
We share the love of pole, not only for the incredible sport that it is, but also what it does for women. No doubt by this stage you’ve noticed a massive boost in your confidence and self-esteem, and you’ve seen women around you flourish too. By this stage you couldn’t imagine your life without pole? You have made it to advanced, so get ready for the challenge. Our advanced ladies learn new moves each term, and a new routine to keep you challenged, progressing and moving forward.
Pole Silks Pole Silks are new to Australia with only 2 studios in Australia Offering Pole Silks classes. What are Pole Silks? They two silks attached to the top of the pole. You’ll learn a range of tricks that are done utilizing both the pole and the silk. If you already love pole and you want to take your aerial skills to another level, then this is the perfect place to start. You’ll not only learn moves that are different to pole, but also how to use the silk to enhance existing pole moves. This is a great complimentary class to those who have already fallen in love with pole, as it will help you develop your pole and aerial strength.
Open Tricks & Combos
Comfortable inverting? Welcome to Intermediate Tricks & Combos. You’ll learn a range of new Pole Dancing tricks based on your current skill level. Do you love nothing more that nailing a new pole trick? Then this class is for you. Improve your strength and coordination whist getting a great workout. This class is open to everyone who is comfortable inverting.
Pole Fitness
Are you looking for a way to challenge your ability and improve your pole strength and fitness? Do you want an extreme workout that is going to improve your pole moves? Are you ready to work to your max and see results? Pole Fitness is the ultimate conditioning class designed especially for pole dancers, by pole dancers. Our students have raved about their increase in energy levels, changes in body shape. We’ve also seen a strength increase average of 60% per student. This class will take you through a combination of strength enhancing and muscle toning exercises, whilst getting the heart rate pumping and making you sweat! You will do a variety of moves based on the pole, as well as on the floor. Each week you can watch your strength and fitness explode, as you complete mini challenges to show your progress. Are you ready to for the rocking body this class will create? This class is open to all levels and the workout is modified to ensure everyone is challenged.
Are you a little challenged in the flexibility department? Want to make some moves more beautiful with flexy? This class is focused purely on helping you nail those splits. Whether you struggle with flexibility or you are already super flexi, this class is for you. We will help you take your flexibility to the next level using active and static stretches.
Welcome to the glamorous world of Burlesque. In this class you’ll learn how to tease, flirt, shimmy and shake to get the full attention of your audience (or your other half). Learn a range of burlesque moves and then put it all together into a sexy, flirtatious, fun routine. We teach a modern style of burlesque. Burlesque will give you a cardio workout by raising your heart rate whist learning a fun routine. We’ll show you how to bring together stage presence along with your Burlesque attitude.
Pole Allure
We introduce our newest class “Pole Allure” as we turn up the heat.  This class is a fusion of sensual fluid movement incorporating floorwork, exotic pole and chair dance.  What is the definition of Allure? To attract or tempt by flattering or desirable actions.  This class is a choreographed dance class where you will learn a routine that will help you unleash your inner showgirl. Expect to walk away from this class with a new found confidence, as you learn a tantalizing routine whilst getting an amazing workout.
Open to all levels including beginners.
Pole Flow
Love to dance and get lost in the music? Pole Flow will help you release the inner dancer within. You’ll gain fluidity of movement, grace and control whist learning musicality. You’ll combine the beautiful elements of dance with a fusion of pole tricks (up to intermediate level).
Pole Doubles
Love Pole? You won’t believe what you can do on a pole with two people! Learn some great doubles moves and tricks. You’ll learn moves that have a base on the pole, plus a flyer. Plus other doubles tricks and combo’s. No need to come with a partner. You’ll be partnered up with someone in class. This class is open to everyone from Intermediate 1 and above.
Open Pole Routines
Is your favorite part of class learning the routine? Love to learn a routine every week? Welcome to “Open Pole Routines”. This class is suitable for all levels with the focus on learning a new routine every week giving you a great cardio workout. Tricks will vary depending on your level.
Pole Fusion
You will learn a variety of different dance styles throughout the term (anything from Zumba, Hip hop, Burlesque, Latin and Rock n Roll) combined with what we all love…Pole. At the end of the term you will be able to combine them all into one routine showing off all your new dance styles! This class will be fast paced, a great workout and lots of fun. Be prepared to dance the night away. Open to all levels from Beginners 2 and above.
Key Strength Moves
Want to work on your ‘Shoulder Mount’, ‘Handspring’ and ‘Static V’? Whether you have never attempted these moves before, or you want to work on the preparation, then this class is for you. You will learn how to build up strength for these keys moves, along with and all the tips and hints that can be the difference between getting these moves and not. We’ll also show you some preparation you can do outside of class to help you get there. This class is recommended for anyone Intermediate 1 and above.
Handstands and Balancing
This class is suitable for students who both love handstands and want more of a challenge, or those who are completely new to handstands. This class will help you build strength and confidence in inversions. In this class you’ll learn the art and correct form of a perfect handstand. Once you’ve nailed your handstand, we’ve got plenty of other tricks up our sleeve to challenge you further (freestanding handstands, handstand push-ups, one armed handstands plus many more variations). You will not only work on your handstands, but also some great body balancing moves (crow, side crow and one armed elbow leaver). This class increases your core strength and upper body strength, which relates directly to pole.
Learn how to pop, lock and drop it! You’ll learn all the basics of twerking, and then we’ll teach you a booty shaking routine. Be prepared to twerk it! Think this wont be much of a workout? Think again. We guarantee to have you working up a sweat in no time. You’ll be relying on your larger leg muscles in this class, so you’ll be burning through the calories. Open to all levels.
Booty Camp
Time to turn up the heat with a steaming hot flirty workout. Welcome to booty camp. A sexy workout designed to whip you into shape. This class is designed to give you an amazing workout with a combination of strength enhancing and muscle toning exercises, whilst getting the heart rate pumping and making you sweat! Are you ready to for the rocking body this class will create? This class is open to all levels and the workout is modified to ensure everyone is challenged.
The Hidden Goddess
Combining beautiful ambience, fluid movement and innate body awareness, it supports you to discover your “Hidden Goddess”. She exists in each of us; we just have to bring her out.
The “Hidden Goddess” is a fusion of pilates, yoga and pole performed in a beautiful fluid movement. It was created to help women connect and discover the goddess within.. It is designed to bring you internal connection with your most authentic self in a pure celebration of you. It is a one-hour class that nurtures your confidence, your sensuality and the wellbeing of your mind, as well as conditioning and toning your body. Suitable for all levels.

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